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President Lungu swears in Judges

I wish to congratulate you all honourable judges on your appointment to the constitutional court, the court of appeal and the high court as the case may be. The judicial service commission did recommend your appointments to me and i believe that the commission made the best decision for the judiciary and for the people of zambia as a whole.

On our part as the executive, we shall continue to uphold and respect the doctrine of separation of powers. It has always been our stance to be bound by whatever principle we publicly espouse. Separation of powers is one such. This can be seen from the fact that your appointments involved all the three arms of government. The recommendations were made by the judicial service commission to my office after which the national assembly ratified them.

As judges, you should carry out your functions independently. You should not be swayed by outside influences. Remember that the judiciary can only be as independent as the members that constitute it.

Therefore, this day provides an opportunity to all members of the judiciary to reflect on exploring ways of enhancing your independence, transparency, accountability and efficiency to win public trust and confidence.

Hon. Mr justice martin musaluke
You have been a judge of the high court, industrial relations division. You take to the constitutional court rich experience of 20 years practice in private sector. The constitutional court being a court of first instance, i expect you to use your trial experience from the industrial relations court division in the constitutional court. The court you are joining has been under a lot of public scrutiny. You are expected to help contribute to public confidence by deciding on cases based on the rule of law and not follow public opinion.

Hon. Lady justice florence mulenga lengalenga
You are not new to me. I have known you as a judge of the high court since the time i was in private practice. You have worked in the judiciary as high court judge since 1999 after you previously worked as high court commissioner in 1990. You also acted as supreme court judge between august, 2012, and october, 2014. I have no doubt that with your vast experience in the high court and supreme court, you will offer valuable experience to the court of appeal.

Hon. Mr justice hancubwile limbani
I have known you since your days as a magistrate in the judiciary. You have risen through the ranks up to the position of registrar of the constitutional court. Having spent most of your career in the judiciary, i am sure that you are aware of the heavy workload in the high court.

I am confident that you will use your vast experience at the magistracy to help tackle the huge volume of work in the high court.

Hon. Mrs. Justice catherine mulenga lombe phiri
You have served as a legal practitioner in the public service for 12 years. You have spent most of that time handling criminal matters under the director of public prosecutions. I wish to remind you that you are joining an institution that is very different from the one you worked for. In your previous capacity, you concentrated on prosecutions. In this capacity as judge, however, you are expected to work as an umpire of justice and look at matters from a much wider perspective than that of a prosecutor. I am confident that you will offer invaluable service to the judiciary.

Once again, congratulations to all of you on your appointments and i wish you god’s speed in the dispensation of justice.